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Hobart's HPV event is in the planning stage - contact us for details
  New Hobart Venue - Derwent Entertainment Centre.

The HPV event is a schools and community event where teams of up to 15+ riders pedal around a short circuit over the six hours of the event. The event attracts teams from a range of schools around Tasmania and a number of mainland school teams.

Community groups are encouraged to participate allowing tertiary students and members of the public to compete in the event.

The Trial is based on physical fitness and endurance, as well as team building, and is sustainable over the long term as it uses human power alone to propel the vehicles. Participants learn basic safety issues through the necessity of seat belts, vehicle roll and intrusion bars, helmets and other safety features of the vehicles. They also must abide by the track rules and regulations, most of which are similar to state road rules, for the use of the vehicles. The event is unique in that students as young as 11 and 12 years of age are participating in the same event as older pre-tertiary students and adults who participate in the Open Community Division.

We would like to acknowledge the help and permissions granted to us by the Australian International Pedal Prix and The RACV Energy Breakthrough in the formation of regulations and specifications.

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